This is a lovely way to use up your (wedding) flowers when they are on their way out. Simply add your rose petals to this homemade body exfoliator to inject an extra beautiful scent into your shower routine. The coconut oil leaves your skin feeling beautiful while the salts gently exfoliate, getting rid of dead skin cells to leave your skin looking radiant.
What you’ll need:
A handful of Sea Salt
A handful of Himalayan Salt
A bowl of Coconut Oil
A few drops of Rose Essential Oil (depending on your scent preference)
Rose Petals
Here’s why: Sea Salt can help hydrate, restore, protect and strengthen our skin. It is full of minerals, including potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, all of which play a big role in our skin’s overall health, function, and repair. Himalayan Salt increases hydration, prevents muscle cramping and improves circulation. Just like sea salt it is jam-packed full of minerals. Don’t even get me started on the benefits of Coconut oil.

How to: I mix mine by eye, depending on how much salt I need/ like on my skin. I also love to have quite a lot of rose oil in my exfoliator as rose is my favourite scents.
Once mixed, scoop all of your ingredients into a bowl, stir well and pour into an air-tight container, finally top with rose petals to give an extra beautiful finish. Keep sealed until ready to use.
Personalise it: if you prefer to use sugar instead of salt, use sugar. If you want a more uplifting scent, try grapefruit oil. Either way it is lovely to know that there are no added nasties going into your skin.
This exfoliator will leave your body feeling silky smooth, (blotchy) fake-tan free… and smelling beautiful. Just remember to avoid any cuts… because salt in a cut can hurt.
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